6% First Position Commercial
Mortgage Notes for 1 year


Thank You for your interest in learning more about this exciting opportunity.

Included in this download PDF is the information you are looking for on the 6% First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes (FCPMs) that we advertise.

We are a proud partner with Woodbridge Mortgage Investments, an industry leader in this niche over the last 35 years. Below is their website. This site provides some excellent information. Please note that the Woodbridge site. And download brochure. Advertises FPCM’s at a 5% annual interest rate. Because we do a large volume of business with Woodbridge, we offer 6% for the exact same transaction and we act as your local service agent and point of contact.


We help conservative clients nationwide use FPCM’s in individual, joint, trust, IRA’s/401k’s and corporate account situations.

We invite you to contact us once you have read over the information to answer any questions and learn how to proceed. This is an exciting business that is expanding quickly and we are sure you will enjoy being a part of it.


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Jerry Kagarise

President and Founder

Jerry Kagarise