Senior Position Notes

Earn 5% to 7% annually, paid monthly!



Looking for performance and stability?

A Secured Bridge Loan Note gives you both.


Imagine a unique, exciting lending opportunity that frees you from the fluctuations of stocks and bonds and provides high yields.

That’s exactly what Secured Bridge Loans (also known as Senior Position Notes) can achieve.


Not only that, this opportunity satisfies the two key strategies financial professionals recommend:

1. Stabilize your portfolio. Incorporate secure opportunities with high yields into the overall mix to ensure steady growth.

2. Keep the duration short. Don’t lock up your money for the long term; leave the door open for emerging opportunities.


Commercial mortgages secured by hard assets offer lucrative rewards to lenders.

Our commercial lending firm funds short-term 1 year Bridge Loans made to commercial property owners. Each loan is backed by a valuable asset with an excellent loan-to-value ratio. As a lender, you acquire a first-lien position on these notes and are paid monthly dividends for about a year. Our lending firm, which partners with you, holds a second-lien position.


How is your note protected?

By these simple A, B, C’s:

Assessment: Our commercial lending firm thoroughly evaluates each property. We conduct an extensive appraisal and title search to ensure that you obtain a legally-insured first-lien position.

Backing: If the borrower does not make regular payments or defaults on the loan, our lending firm continues to make payments to you from its mortgage investment fund.

Collateral: The equity in the property is your collateral. If necessary, our commercial lending firm will foreclose on a property to recoup all monies. So, though you are lending to our commercial lending firm and not the property owner, you receive a first position lien on the property so our lending firm cannot get its money back until you get yours.


Secured Bridge Loans have clear winning advantages.

Short-term, high-yield gains: Your money earns 5% to 7% or more and is locked in for about one year.

Security: You are protected because the property securing the loan appraises for more than the loan at closing.

Monthly dividends: You will continue to receive monthly payments regardless of the status of the loan or borrower’s ability to pay.


Why work with Security First Financial?

The lenders we work with have over 35 years experience working with commercial loans, first mortgages and real estate acquisitions.

Lenders looking to earn an attractive 5% to 7% or higher can rest assured knowing that ours is a highly successful lending model built on years of handling large-scale commercial loans. It includes a thorough appraisal and title search process and our assurance that even if the borrower were to default, your money is secured by the first position lien..


You can loan safely, and reap a bank’s rewards. These are Real Yields based on the amount loaned:

5% – $50,000 to $99,999

6% – $100,000 to $199,999

7% – $200,000+


Security First Financial helps those wanting these high yields get them safely. This type of lending epitomizes short-term, dynamic growth with a secure product.

Our commercial lending firm is so confident of lending by means of these commercial notes that they participate right alongside you, yet holds a second-lien position. While you get the first position lien, our commercial lending firm takes the second position and only gets its money back after you get yours.

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